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CTT Ikarus

The measuring and movement simulator system for the test and training of the shoulder joint


Movement simulation according to nature’s example

The shoulder joint is the most flexible ball joint of the human body. It can move on its axle in three different directions. It is primarily secured by muscles; therefore its mobility is hardly restricted by the skeletal structure. The computer-supported test and training system (CTT) IKARUS follows these parameters. It is a three-dimensional measuring and movement simulator for the test and training of the shoulder joint drives.

Diagnosis and treatment of the shoulder joint drives: CTT IKARUS with BioMC Software

  • Measurement of the range of motion of the shoulder joints (left/right, simultaneously or consecutively) in the different anatomic planes
  • Measurement of the exertion of strength of the musculature of the shoulder in any measuring position of the anatomic planes of the shoulder joints. Any specific measuring point is exactly reproducible. The measuring position can be locked, the measured values (of the chosen effective directions) are stored and displayed as polar (radar) charts
  • Execution of a specific training (treatment) of the sensomotor systems of the shoulder joints under isometric and auxotonic working conditions. The training aims at reducing existing muscular imbalances and deficits and at restoring and improving the natural range of motion and resilience of the shoulder
  • Networking of the device and storage of data for an efficient execution of tests and training


Power supply: 220-240 V AC 50 Hz 1.6 A Fuse: 2 x 4.0 AT
Electrical safety: Protection class I
Dimensions (W/D/H): 1.2 m / 1.0 m / 2.1 m
Weight: 210 kg