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Bio-mechanics Labs

We recommend the implementation of a BfMC Complete Solution to develop the full potential of our products for your physiotherapy practice, clinic or rehabilitation center.
Biomechanical Lab consists of a network of BfMC device systems and, if so desired, a number of common sequence training devices (training machines with weights), which have been upgraded to computer-supported training devices using the BfMC BioMC Unit. An individual solution custom-made to your requirements is of course possible.
The Biomechanical Lab is a compact specialist center for diagnosis and expertise for all areas of the human musculoskeletal system and thus the human motor function. Therefore it offers on the one hand the opportunity to comprehensively treat patients and on the other it allows specialists in the area to send their patients for a complete diagnosis. Thereby it opens up a new source of exchange and income for the lab’s operator.

An example of a BfMC complete solution:

BfMC complete solutions offer the following advantages:

  • One operator
  • Unique efficiency of test and therapy execution
  • Unique test and training functionality
  • Minimal space requirements

We are happy to discuss your individual requirements.