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BfMC – Innovation in Action

BfMC GmbH was founded in 1997 in Leipzig. Founder and General Manager of the company is Doz. Dr. sc.nat. Georg Blümel – himself a biophysicist and bio-cyberneticist who was inter alia the long-serving Head of the departments for Bio-cybernetics, Muscle Physiology and Neurophysiology at the FKS (today: IAT), Leipzig.

A passion for movement

Since its foundation the company has concentrated on the development and production of computer-supported test and training devices for the use in rehabilitation and occupational medicine as well as for prevention and protection of the vitality of the human body. Today BfMC offers a complete product portfolio for the entirety of the human musculoskeletal system.

BfMC GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2012 (quality management).


BfMC GmbH combines comprehensive expert knowledge from a multitude of fields including medicine, IT, ergonomics, product design and the development of cybernetic systems for the specific control of the performance of the skeleton’s motor function. Next to our personal commitment, this know-how is one of our strongest assets. Grown and honed in decades of inter-disciplinary research in the areas of neuro- and muscle physiology, psycho-motor activity, biomechanics, bio-kinetics and bio-cybernetics. Ever furthered in the lively exchange with universities in the allocation of thesis topics for Bachelor and Master degrees and their supervision.


The core competency of BfMC is the development and production of computer-supported test and training systems for prevention, therapy, rehabilitation and conditioning of the human musculoskeletal system. A further emphasis lies on the development of custom-made solutions for competitive sports. We support and are consultants for medical practices, clinics, health insurances, and companies in general in the realisation of solutions for prevention and therapy. Furthermore we are partners of many universities and support their scientific research with our developments.


Health is of utmost importance. The awareness for this topic will grow further over the next few years, both in terms of quality of services but also in terms of cost and utilization. Our aim is to significantly improve the efficiency of therapeutic services using intelligent innovation and to optimize the related efforts and costs.

Company History

Product portfolio and competencies of BfMC GmbH are directly linked to the scientific research of Dr. Georg Bluemel. He has been working for over 40 years in the field of strain-initiated diagnostics, prophylaxis and therapy.

Pre- 1991

Dr Bluemel worked for over 20 years at the FKS Leipzig (Research Institute for Body Culture and Sports, today: IAT, Institute for Applied Training Sciences, Leipzig) as physicist and bio-cyberneticist. During this time his research focused on the fields of biomechanics, bio-cybernetics, muscle- and neurophysiology. He developed methods of impacting on the sensomotor abilities of sports people using movement and strain simulators (robots). He headed several departments, amongst them the department for central nervous system diagnostics, the department for muscle physiology and bio-cybernetics and the department for movement simulation and robotics. Furthermore, he was the head of the department for physiology and neurophysiology.


Dr Bluemel worked as project leader for the department for biomechanical systems at TuR GmbH in Leipzig.


Dr Bluemel became head of the Human Power Control GmbH and of the Institute for Medical Application of Biokinetics and Cybernetics at Klinik Bavaria.


Dr Bluemel founded BfMC GmbH in Leipzig for the development and production of computer-supported test and training devices for rehabilitation and occupational medicine. There is also an emphasis in the company on physiotherapy, sports therapy and the entire field of prevention and protection of the vitality of the human musculoskeletal system. BfMC GmbH offers a product portfolio for the entirety of the human musculoskeletal system.

Our company has well-known partners in medical praxis and research and works with strategic partnerships in the international distribution of its products.

BfMC device systems currently in use
Innovative Saxony: BfMC GmbH
The state of Saxony has choosen BfMC GmbH as one representative of innovations in the region. See our short profile in the video.
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